Love Poems
for your Husband

On the prowl for some love poems for your husband? Well, you've come to the right place. Whether it's for his birthday card, your anniversary or Valentine's Day, all the love poems below are specifically selected for husbands.

If you really can't find a poem that's suitable, then you might just want to learn how to write love poems for him (your own love poems that is.)

Love poems for husband

by "Lil Mama Badazz"
(love poems husband - #1)

I look at all you have accomplished
In such a short amount of time
I am so proud of you
Glad that you are mine

Things in life are hard right now
You say I shouldn't worry

I love the way you make me laugh
When I am feeling discouraged

No matter what people say or think
I love you to death
You make me complete

I will stand by you
through thick and thin
You are not only my husband, but my friend.

La Vie En Rose
by Piaf
(love poems husband - #2)

The eyes that make mine lower
A laughter that gets lost in his mouth
There is the portrait without re-touching
Of the man which I belong to

When he takes me in his arms,
He murmurs to me softly
I see life in rose
He tells me words of love
The words of every day
And that made me something
He entered in my heart a part of happiness
Of which I know the cause
It is he for me, me for him, in life
He told me so, swore it, for life
And as soon as I see him,
I feel within me
My heart beating

Nights of love that never end
A big happiness that takes its place
Worries and sadness are erased
Happy, happy to die for

It is he for me, me for him, in life

My One And Only Love
by Antoinette McDonald
(love poems husband - #3)

The sound of YOUR voice is like…
A whisper to my ears,
Pure and pleasant to hear!
The sparkle of YOUR eyes…
Are as glitter
Enlightening me-showing me
The smell of YOUR body…
Excites and makes me HUNGER and
THIRST for thee!
YOUR lips…
Taste as sweet as HONEY,
Touching my very soul!
YOUR touch…
Hot as a burning FLAME,
Seeking to devour me!

Heart to Heart
by Shekinah
(love poems husband - #4)

Heart to Heart
My love for you
Is like no other
None can compare

Heart to Heart
You will see
My love for you
Is unconditionally

Heart to Heart
You'll always be
My Beloveth Ministry

Heart to Heart
We'll always be
Joined together
In Unity

Heart to Heart
Without a doubt
I'll always love you
From Heart to Heart

Your Love
author unknown
(love poems husband - #5)

My dearest...your love is my haven
I seek refuge
when i am in my darkest moment
it is what keeps me going
when everything else is failing
it is my sliver of light
in my world of darkness
my lighthouse in a storm
my anchor when i am cast adrift
my oasis in a desert
what must my life be
without you there to
love dearest...

A Fine Red Wine
by Foxy White
(love poems husband - #6)

My lover is like a fine red wine.
Full of passion, full of emotion only to get better with time.
From the vine which you were wrought, so strong, so different and new.
During harvest I knew, I found that special grape when I found you.

All the beautiful essence still lingers, in a glass swirling with excitement.
I can feel all my sences tingle. To my lips the glass I took. One taste and I was hooked, to your boldness and deep look.
My lover is like a fine red wine.... a taste of heaven from an earthly vine.

Friends and Lovers
by Dorian Petersen Potter
(love poems husband - #7)

You light up my life in so many ways
You excite my nights and bring joy to my days,
When we're together everything is perfect you see,
Even when sometimes we are apart you and me
Keeping each other uplifted through good times and bad times too.
Your love is like soothing music to my soul,
Sweet melody that makes all my life complete
I feel your heart reaching out to mine each and every day,
And my heart is filled with happiness and light
I want to thank you for not only being my lover,
But most importantly for being my very best friend.

Love To My Husband
by Heather Mirassou
(love poems husband - #8)

I am drawn to you like
The stars to the midnight skies
The Earth to the burning sun
Water to thirsting flowers

I am comfortable with you like
An old pair of boots
A faded pair of jeans
My favorite sweater and scarf

I am at peace with you like
Sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake
Taking a walk in silence in the country
Listening to rain drops fall in the dark of night

I am alive with you like
The laughter that is uncontrollable
The heart that goes thump, thump, thump
Running through wildflowers in the wilderness

Every ounce of my being
Mind, body and soul are riveted by you
I am alive with you, free with you, comfortable with you

I love you

My Husband
by Anju Addanki
(love poems husband - #9)

Husband is someone
You spend most of your life with.
And with him,
You are for years.

My life has become strong;
For my husband is not wrong.
My life has become independent;
For my husband never let me dependent.
My life has become pure;
For my husband had every cure.
My life has become romantic;
For my husband is very aromatic.
My life had a new beginning;
For my husband was nearing.

And the most valuable gift-
My husband has given me;
Are my two wonderful and the best kids-
And I thank God,
For the wonderful family he has given me.

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