Love Poems
for your Wife

On the lookout for the perfect love poem for your wife? Well, you've come to the right place! Let me first of all congratulate you for making the effort to look online for that perfect poem for your wife.

As a woman, I can pretty much guarantee you that she will be SO appreciative when she reads it in the card you give her...

...or even better - if you read it out loud to her while she eats the breakfast-in-bed you've just brought her!

All of the poems below are specifically selected for wives. If you can't find one that's suitable, you might want to try writing your own poem. Here's how.

love poems for wife

author unknown
(love poems wife - #1)

Beauty is when I look deep into your eyes
Beauty is when hold each others hands
Beauty is when you laugh at my stupid jokes
Beauty is when we spend all the time
Together without judgment

Beauty is your skin so soft
Beauty is your heart so warm
Beauty is the love in your hands
Beauty is you because you are so beautiful to me
I will love you forever and ever
Your husband forever

My Love
by Richie Mextex
(love poems wife - #2)

My Love tis you I only see,
beyond the stars you call to me.
With eyes that sing deep into my dreams,
A melody so soft my soul does scream.
My love tis you I wish to touch.
My body craves thee oh so much.
With each whisper, thy lips do part.
It captures the essence of my heart.
My love tis you I want to belong.
So let our night be like a song.
And with our day to start again.
My love I give thee till the end.

I Was Born to Love You
by JH Ponce
(love poems wife - #3)

I was born to love you,
I was born to kiss and hold you
To make your breakfast with my honey
To spend with you my money.

I was born to adore you
I was born to live for you
To take you out to dinner
And let you eat like a winner.

I was born to stop you
From suffering and getting hurt too
I was born to show you
That my heart was split in two.

One half was all for you
But you took the two without permission
Now my life belongs to you
To make you happy is my only ambition.

I spoke to my destiny
Before I was even born
And I was told instantly
What is right and what is wrong.

It’s not right if you forget me
It is wrong if I can’t touch you
It is right if we are together
Because...I was born to love you.

Eternal Vows of Life
by Richie Mextex
(love poems wife #4)

I give you all I have, be it spiritual physical or material
I’ll never ask for more than can be given.
All I want is to share your wisdom and your dreams
Your joys and laughter, your hurt and your pain
But most of all your love
The love that radiates from within
The love I feel when I hold you
The love I taste when I kiss you
Love that speaks when I look into your eyes
for it is eternal love and few know how.
A love that will join as one body,
And if we should live or if we should die
This love shall live for eternity.

Oh There She Is
by Angleeyes
(love poems wife - #5)

I live for her, day after day,
She is mine!
Morning sun shining on her sleepy face,
next to me,
Dreamily, externally,
Just like our love,
Dreamily, foreverishly,
My life have been fulfilled, just,
By her,
my darling Angel,
my wife!

To Paint Thy Soul
by Richie Mextex
(love poems wife - #6)

The world has set in motion
The scales of my devotion
To hear the humming birds sing
To feel what life may bring
That which enters thy heart
A pulse or beat will start
To look and see the glow
As I watch your essence flow
The warmth of your embrace
The joyful smile upon your face
As I reach down into your soul
My heart you all but stole
So from these lips speaks my heart
As a painter with a brush
He creates his work of art

Renewed Passion
by Temas Emocional
(love poems wife - #7)

Tonight we taste each other's kisses just as we did before.
To know each others secret places and to them will explore.
With renewed passion our bodies will become as one.
Then to lie together exausted when all is done.

Ask Me
by M. Dorsey
(love poems wife - #8)

Ask me if I'm happy, before we lay down to rest.
Ask me if I can measure up, if I can pass the test.
Ask me if I'm dependable, like the sunset in the west.
Ask me how well I'll treat you, if I'll treat you best.
Ask me if I'll still love you, after our children have left the nest.
Ask me if we'll be together, even though our lives are a mess.
Ask me if the amount I loved you yesterday compared to today is less.
Ask me anything you want, I promise I'll say yes.

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