Marriage Poems for
All Occasions

Need some marriage poems? Well then, you've definitely come to the right place to find a variety of hand-picked love poems!

Even if you don't think you need a poem at this point, let me just remind you that a special occasion is usually right around the corner, be it your husband or wife's birthday, Valentine's Day, your anniversary, etc.

Or maybe one of you is going away on business and you want to slip a little note into the suitcase with a loving poem just for them?

Or perhaps you're going to a friend's wedding soon and would like to write a poem into the card you're giving them? The reasons for needing the perfect poem are endless...

I've spent many hours combing through stacks of poetry on the look-out for great love poems, and have gleaned what I think are the best ones (and let me tell you, there are plenty of not-so-hot ones out there!).

So in your poetic quest, have a look through the following categories:

One of the coolest things Andrew does for me is write poems for me... not in a cheesy way, but if it's our anniversary, Christmas, etc, he will sum up things that have happened lately in our life together, what he likes about me, future dreams of ours, etc. He's quite the word-smith, and I LOVE it!

It just makes the card all the more special when I open it and see a poem in it that he crafted especially for me. I think I like this more than any gift he could get me, because it's something you can't buy.

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