Newlywed Game Questions

Since there are several variations of this game, newlywed game questions can vary. It can be played either with one couple (where the husband and wife are competing against each other), or with two or more couples where the couples are competing against each other as teams.

newlywed game questions at Emily's wedding

If you are just looking for something super quick at this point, I'd suggest buying and printing the newlywed game questions you see on the left, which will definitely get your party started! But if you've got time to do all the legwork yourself, read on.

I think the best version of the game I've seen is at my sister Emily's wedding. There were three couples on stage: Emily and Brendan (the bride and groom), Emily's parents, and Brendan's parents. Each couple sat back-to-back, and each of the six people held a small whiteboard and marker for writing the answers on.

The MC read out the newlywed game questions, and each person wrote down their answer, and then held up their board to show the audience. (Having the couples sit back-to-back prevented them from cheating, since it was each couple playing against the other two couples.)

Each time the couple wrote down matching answers, they scored a point. The more difficult the question, the more points it was worth.

All of the newlywed game questions were meant to be answered with one or two words, so it was funny when the bride's mom (who is also my mom), would answer with whole sentences.

For example, one of the questions was "What is your husband's shoe size?". Her answer was something along the lines of, "Size 11, but if they're small-fitting then it would be a size 13, and if they're European shoes then size 44.5." Okay mom, settle down :) (I really don't know how she even had time to write all that.)

more newlywed game questions at Emily's wedding

In the end the bride and groom won… pretty amazing seeing as they'd only been married for about 3 hours, and technically the two parent teams should have known each other a lot better by then. Maybe it was rigged? Who knows.

How the Newlywed Game Works

Have 2-4 couples sitting on stage. These couples can either be the bride & groom, married for a long time, or a combination. Each couple should sit back-to-back (so they can't see what each other is writing). The MC reads one question at a time, and each person writes their answer on a small whiteboard, then holds it up for the audience to see. Each couple who has matching answers to each other, gets a point.

For example, if the question is "Where did you go on your first date?," if couple A both answer McDonald's, couple A gets a point. If couple B's wife answers The Olive Garden but couple B's husband answers Burger King, couple B does not get a point.

even more more newlywed game questions at Emily's wedding

When you're making up your newlywed game questions, try to come up with questions that are specific to the couple. For example, if they've done an African safari together, ask specifically about that, such as "What was the name of the first village you came across on your safari?"

Remember, it doesn't matter if you know the answer to the questions, because they're the ones answering them.

You should also assign a value to each question, as some will definitely be harder than others, and therefore deserve more points if they're answered correctly. For example, "Who is your wife's best friend?" would (hopefully) be easier to answer than "What did your wife wear on your first date?"

Finally, remember that you can make up some questions about the husband, some about the wife, and some about them together.

Some Newlywed Game Questions
… A few ideas to get you started

You may find these questions are pretty tame… feel free to spice them up depending on how non-conservative your couples and audience are.

Newlywed Game Questions About Him:

  • What's your husband's shoe size?

  • What blood type does he have?

  • What is your husband's most prized possession?

  • What would be his dream car?

  • How does he like his eggs?

  • What is your husband's favourite band?

  • If he had to clean just one room in your house, which room would it be?

  • Does your husband have a picture of you in his wallet?

  • What color is his toothbrush?

  • What is his favourite fruit?

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  • Is he a butt or boobs kind of guy?

  • What was the cost of his tux rental?

  • Which of the bride's family members is his favourite?

  • What was his very first job?

  • How does your husband like his steak cooked?

  • Which place on earth (specifically) is the farthest he's ever been from home?

  • What was his first pet?

  • What's his favourite radio station?

  • On a night out with the boys, where would they go?

  • What is your husband's favourite beer/wine?

  • How many children would he like to have?

  • At what age did he start to walk?

  • What is his favourite type of donut?

  • How many times a week does your husband shave?

Newlywed Game Questions About Her:

  • What was your wife wearing (specifically) on your first date?

  • How many kids would your wife want to have if money weren't an issue?

  • What color are her eyes?

  • Which habit does she most need to break?

  • What is her dream vacation destination?

  • What was the cost of her wedding dress?

  • Who is her favourite singer?

  • What is her ring size?

  • Of all the presents you've bought her, which did she like best?

  • What is her pet name/nickname for you?

  • How many years have her parents been married?

  • What is her shoe size?

  • From which school did she graduate?

  • What is her favourite sport to play?

  • In which month is her mother's birthday?

  • What is her biggest pet peeve?

  • If she won $500, what is the first thing she'd buy for your house?

  • What is her favourite kind of flower?

  • How long after the wedding would your wife like to have your first child together?

  • What is your wife's favourite salad dressing?

  • Apart from you, who is your wife's best friend?

  • What is her favourite dessert (specifically)?

  • Does she usually eat a bed-time snack?

  • What is her favourite place/holiday that you've been on together?

Newlywed Game Questions About Both Together:

  • Who brought up the topic of marriage first, him or her?

  • Where did you go on your first date together?

  • Where was your first kiss?

  • What TV show did you last watch together?

  • Who said "I love you" first?

  • What is the first movie you watched together at the theatre/cinema?

  • What was the exact amount of the bill at the last restaurant you ate at together?

  • Which of you sheds more hair around the house?

  • Which of you is most likely to come late to things?

  • What were her exact words when you asked her to marry you?

  • How many guests did you invite to your wedding?

  • Which one of you was the uglier teenager?

What are YOUR best newlywed game questions?

Have some unique newlywed game questions to add to the list? Or another variation of the game? Do share.

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